Cambridge IGCSE Economics

International trade and globalisation
Weekly class
Cambridge IGCSE Economics
Weekly class
RM 280/month
RM 70.00/hour

60 minutes

1 learner per class

Course Highlights

Meets 1 time per week
1 learner per class
60 minutes per session
Online class (via Zoom / Google Meet)
Communicates in English, Simplified Chinese

About this course

Learners will be introduced to the concept of specialisation. In this course, different types of international business protection will be discussed as well as the consequences of different protections.

Different types of exchange rate will be introduced to the learners being fixed exchange rate and floating exchange rate.

Finally the current account of balance of payments will be discussed. Learners will be trained to relate the effect of international trade to balance of payment

In this course, learners will be taught on exam techniques and answering skill that is required to be demonstrated in the answer to score high marks.