Coach Frequently Asked Questions

On Stageo you can offer classes in following formats:

  • One-Time – Example: Individual one-off coaching or consultation
  • Weekly– Example: weekly tuition for a month

You will be able to offer private one-to-one or group based classes. This is determined when you set up the maximum number of learners per class

If you believe that you personally have what it takes … the credentials, experience and qualities to coach on a given subject matter, then Stageo is the place for you. Share about yourself in the ‘About Me’ section and your ‘Teaching Experience’ to provide users with your background and to share your academic qualifications

It is the expectation that information shared in your profile and course are accurate and reliable

In order to start selling a course, you will first need to complete your Coach Profile with the relevant information

With that completed, while in the Coach view you can start by adding a new course by clicking ‘+ New Course’. Our system will lead you through a step-by-step process to build the details of your new course listing

At the end of the process you will have the option to “publish” your listing. Upon doing so, it will be available for users to search and purchase your course!

You have the option to ‘unpublish’ a course as well when you want to stop offering the course

One-Time classes are classes sold as independent single units. Learner will be able to book individual time slots based on your availability. The listed price will be based on a per class basis. Learners can book either a single slot or multiple slots across the given period define.

“Weekly classes” are weekly sessions for the duration of a month (approx. 4 classes). You can set it up to have 1 or more groups/cohorts of classes. Learners will be allowed to sign up to one of the groups you set up

For Weekly classes, you can either (1) let the automated scheduler assist in allocating the time slots for you or (2) you can manually set specific time slots

Note that when you set your course to be conducted with more than 1 class per week, the same time slot will apply for the selected days

  • E.g Days of week “Monday, Wednesday” and Start Time: 10am. This will mean the classes will be conducted on Monday 10am and Wednesday 10am

Stageo introduces a process that helps you automatically schedule your classes

Under ‘Availability’ option, you get to set your ..

  • General Availability - Here you identify your available teaching hours. Choose the specific days and the range of hours you’re available
  • Buffer between Schedule Classes - This specifies if you’d like a buffer/break between scheduled classes (e.g. 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr)
  • Off Days (Listing) - In case you have a conflicting event at a time when you're normally available, like an appointment or holiday, you can add off days to prevent learners from scheduling sessions during those days
  • Off Days (Using Calendar)– Using a special Calendar table, you can mark specific days as unavailable. This is a graphical way to mark your off days for specific days which coincide with your General Availability weekly schedule

Stageo will then help automatically schedule your classes based on your prescribed availability

When you create a course, the option will be given to either ‘Use My Global Availability’ or set your own ‘Custom Availability’ of available dates and time slots

Here are some pointers:

  1. Upload a clear and well lit photo of yourself
  2. Upload an engaging video to show what you’re all about
  3. Fill in the well crafted writeup about yourself and your experience
  4. Showcase some of your work and what you do in the gallery (e.g. awards, past reviews, photos of you in action in your field of coaching, research, samples)
  5. Select your top 3 favourite testimonials from the list of reviews you’ve already received so that you can really showcase your capabilities

Yes. Stageo gives you the ability to select your favourite reviews given by actual reviewers for display as testimonials in the ‘About’ section of your profile

Go to “Manage Testimonials” in your coaching profile page and select up to 3 reviews to be placed as part of the testimonial section in your profile.

All classes are conducted online through video conferencing channels. Stageo currently supports (1) ZOOM (2) Google Meet and (3) Stageo Rooms. The choice of channel is decided upon by you as the Coach

Note: Stageo Rooms are a pay-per-use service if you choose to use it. The rate charged will be RM 2 per hour for each user on the video conference (this will be deducted from your payout amount)

Ratings and reviews are essential in assessing the overall quality and customer satisfaction levels based on actual genuine experience your learners have had with you.

For weekly courses, only Learners who have attended a minimum of 4 paid sessions with a Coach will be allowed to leave a Rating and Review. For one-time courses, Learners can leave a Rating and Review after 1 paid session. We believe this helps provide a higher level of credibility to users knowing that reviews were made with sufficient first-hand experience for a proper evaluation. This is to be fair to Coaches and safeguard against some potentially misbehaving users.

Note: Reviews are subject to moderation/removal by the administrators if deemed to violate our terms of service.

Your search rankings will improve based on criteria such as (and not limited to):

  • The popularity of your courses (volume of courses sold)
  • Number of active learners
  • Review & rating scores

Within the course creator setup, access the Pricing tab to set up the rates for your course. Note that Stageo does not currently support free courses

  • For One-Time classes, the minimum price is RM 10 per session
  • For Weekly classes, the minimum price is RM 50 per month

The system automatically works out the approximate hourly rate for your course (based on number of hours & number of classes per month)

Stageo will pay out within 14 days after the end of a month for classes conducted on the prior month. Payout will be based on classes rendered minus any related commissions, transaction fees and (only if applicable) qualified refunds based on the stipulated Attendance Policy and Refund Policy

For Coaches based in Malaysia, we will perform a fund transfer to your local bank account. Under Profile> Manage Account > Payout, we require the following details

  1. Account holder name
  2. Bank
  3. Account number

For Coaches based outside of Malaysia, set up a Stripe account with a connected bank account in order for us to pay out your earnings to you Create a ‘Payment link’ and send the details to us for us to facilitate the overseas transfer (some additional charges may apply).

Anyone can sign up to become a coach on Stageo. After you register/sign-in to Stageo, you’ll start with a Learners profile. All you have to do is become a coach is click ‘Become a coach’ and we’ll lead you through a simple guided process to fill in your coaching profile details

Stageo enables you to really set up the times you’ll be able to coach.

For One-Off classes, your setting for availability will be based on 2 levels (1) General availability (2) Custom availability.

  • Step 1 – Under ‘General Availability’ and set up the days and time slots you’re available to conduct your teaching
  • Step 2 – Create a course and choose if you’d like to offer your specific course based on the General Availability OR Custom Availability
  • Step 3 – Set up specific unavailable dates. This prevents users from being able to book one-off sessions with you

For Weekly Classes, coaches would have to abide by the stipulated coaching cohort/groups date and time set. In the event that a coach is unable to teach on a particular date, the coach will be required to reschedule the class for another available date

You may directly message your learners via our in-chat feature.

Note: Do remember that Coaches can also be Learners on Stageo too. Keep in mind that the same protection is given to you when you purchase any sessions from other Coaches

Stageo’s Learners Protection provides a refund policy to protect Learners in unforeseen event they (1) decide not to start or continue sessions with a Coach or (2) in the event Coaches don’t show up for classes

By offering your services on Stageo, you as a Coach agree to abide by the Learners Protection policy. Basically, as a Coach you will be paid only for classes which have been delivered and if no valid refund was sought within the stipulated period based on the Refund Policy as stated below.

The scenarios for Refund Policy are as follows:

  • Refund may be sought if Learner terminates 48 hours before the start of a class where no prior sessions were conducted with the Coach
  • Refund may be sought for specific sessions where a Coach failed to show up and there was no advanced rescheduling notice by the Coach. This protection is active provided the Learner fully abides by Stageo’s Attendance Policy by using the Stageo platform to join classes. IMPORTANT: Lodging this type of refund must occur within 24 hours of the incident. Any seeking of refunds beyond this period will not be entertained
  • Refund cannot be sought where a Learner is dissatisfied with the content, quality or outcome of the session conducted by the Coach. Learners may rate their experience with the Coach or leave an honest review to express their thoughts

In the event of a dispute, the administrators of Stageo reserve the full right to arbitrate and determine the validity of the refund claim

Coaches upon listing a course through Stageo agree to let the administrators be the final deciding authority in the case of disputes and to determine the payout amount

‘Termination’ here applies to a Learner deciding to not continue with any future sessions. Coaches who list their services agree to abide by the following clauses.

Learners may terminate 48 hours before the next upcoming class

Refund requests as a result of Termination will be based upon sessions which have yet to be conducted:

  • For “One-Time” classes – Refund requests will be permitted for the cost of all future sessions yet to be conducted

  • For “Recurring Weekly” classes - Refund requests will only be allowed if termination occurs before 48 hours to 10 days after the 1st class has been conducted.

    Example: Learner purchases weekly classes for 1 month (approx. 4 sessions) where the first class is schedule for 5th of March (classes on the 5th, 13th, 20th, 27th)

    • If termination is before 3rd of March – permitted to a full refund
    • If termination is by 11th of March – permitted to refund of 3 sessions
    • If termination is by 15th of March – permitted to refund of 2 sessions
    • If termination is after 15th of March – no refund permitted

In the event of termination and seeking refunds, Stageo administrators will faithfully assess the matter and reserve the final right in determining the validity of the refund claim. Coaches will receive payment for classes which were deemed conducted

Stageo has built integrations with Zoom as one of the video conferencing options for conducting online live classes. By connecting your Zoom account to Stageo, you can reduce the time you spend manually sharing Zoom details. Upon scheduling, you and your learner can join the class directly with a click of button in Stageo learning page.

How to connect your Zoom account

  1. Navigate to Manage Account > Integration. Zoom integration page
  2. Select Zoom and click Connect.
  3. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  4. Select Authorize to let Stageo access your Zoom account. Note: If you see info about pre-approving, view Pre-approving Zoom.
  5. Once you've connected, you'll be redirected to Stageo. You'll see a message prompting you to set Zoom as your location for your classes.

Select Zoom as your location for classes

To use Zoom for your class:

  1. In your Courses page, select the course you want to use Zoom with and click on the More Action button. Course more action button
  2. Click on Edit Courses.
  3. Navigate to Class Settings. Class settings page
  4. In Location, select Zoom.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Start class with Zoom

  1. Navigate to your selected class.
  2. Click on Start Class button. You will be redirected to Zoom to open Zoom Meetings either with Zoom Client or Zoom Browser.

Disconnect Zoom integration from Stageo

  1. Navigate to Manage Account.
  2. Click on Integration.
  3. Select Zoom and click on Disconnect button. Disconnect Zoom

Removing Stageo integration in your Zoom Account

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Added Apps.
  3. Click on the Remove button.