Learner Frequently Asked Questions

2 categories of classes are offered on Stageo

  • One-Time – Example: Individual one-off coaching or consultation
  • Weekly– Example: weekly tuition for a month

Classes offered may be on a private one-to-one basis or as conducted in a group. Please note the details in the course listing

When you purchase “One-Time” classes, you have the option of choosing specific timeslots which are still available for a coach. You can choose to book 1 or more timeslots and you will be charged the rate per session

As its name suggests, it applies to weekly sessions for the duration of a month (approx. 4 classes). Learners should take note of the specific group they are signing up for that indicates the exact (a) day of the week and (b) time for the classes

The Stageo coaching platform helps you clearly see details of courses on offer. For the listing you’ll be provided with key info such as

  • The Coach’s profile
  • Course overview
  • Past learner reviews
  • Type of class
  • Frequency
  • Duration of class
  • Language which the session will be conducted in
  • Available dates and time slots
  • Pricing information

All classes you purchase will be updated into your personal calendar on your dashboard. You’ll be able to clearly view all your upcoming classes. We’ll also send you an email reminder 1 day before your scheduled class begins.

Search classes by entering the type of course you’re interested into the search bar. If you already know the name of a specific coach on Stageo you’ll be able to search them out too. Another good way is to just browse based on our listed categories to see Stageo’s listed of recommended courses.

Booking a class is really intuitive. Find the course you’re looking for, select the available group/session with time slot you want to purchase and it will guide you through our simple step-by-step payment process. Stageo currently supports secure credit card payments

All classes are to be paid up front. This is to be fair to coaches as upon your purchase they have the responsibility to fulfil the booked session. Purchasing it locks in the time slot, alerts the coach and entitles you to our Learners Protection policy (see more below)

Stageo currently supports secure credit card payments

All classes are conducted online through video conferencing channels. Stageo currently supports

  1. ZOOM
  2. Google Meet
  3. Stageo Rooms

The choice of channel (see within course listing) is decided upon by the coach. Upon purchase, you are deemed as agreeing to the channel stipulated in the listing.

Ratings and reviews are essential in assessing the overall quality and customer satisfaction levels based on actual genuine experience you’ve have had with a Coach.

We seek for users to provide honest reviews sharing about their experience of learning under the Coach. Please do so in a respectful way.

For weekly courses, only Learners who have attended a minimum of 4 paid sessions with a Coach will be allowed to leave a Rating and Review. For one-time courses, Learners can leave a Rating and Review after 1 paid session. We believe this helps provide a higher level of credibility to users knowing that reviews were made with sufficient first-hand experience for a proper evaluation. This is to be fair to Coaches and safeguard against some potentially misbehaving users.

Note: Reviews are subject to moderation/removal by the administrators if deemed to violate our terms of service.

Stageo enables you to directly ask or message your prospective coaches. By enabling this communication channel with the Coach, our genuine hope is to help facilitate and enable both sides to clarify any matters and establish trust. Personal private information (e.g. address, phone numbers, ID numbers, financial information) should not be shared in order to protect your privacy and for security purposes.

Important Disclaimer: This feature is currently available on Stageo and subject to review. Also note that for security purposes, our Stageo administrators reserve the right to monitor the messages for any potential abuse, violation of terms of service and take any necessary action.

To protect both Learners and Coaches on Stageo, we have an Attendance Policy in place.

By abiding to this, it helps to resolve disputes in the event of a “no show” by either party by capturing important session details (user and timestamp). Stageo administrators will evaluate the attendance record to determine the validity of disputes raised for cases seeking refunds.

Attendance Policy

  • Coach are required to launch the session via Stageo (click “Start Class”)

    • Coaches who start the session are required to keep their session open for a minimum of 15 minutes after the stipulated start time to allow sufficient time for Learners to show up. If no Learner appears, they may close the session after 15 minutes
    • If a Coach doesn’t click “Start Class” via Stageo, it will be deemed that the coach failed to show up and deliver the class. Coaches will not receive payment for the delivered class in the event of a dispute lodged by a Learner
  • Learner is required to launch the session via Stageo (click “Join Class”)

    • If a session wasn’t started by the Coach within a 15 minute window of the stipulated start time for a session, the Learners will be entitled to seek a refund for the prorated value of the class
    • If a session has been started by the Coach but the Learner fails to click “Join Now”, it will be deemed that the Learner didn’t show up for the class. The Learner will not be entitled to seek any refund

It is important for both Learners and Coaches to reschedule the class in advance to avoid any potential issues and disputes.

Refunds will not be automatically processed. Any refund request will require Learners to email aloha@stageo.co with the subject title “Request for Refund”. Please include any necessary relevant details relating to the complaint and our team will respond to your matter as soon as possible.

You can reschedule “One-Time” classes as long as it is done 48 hours before the commencement of a class.

Only Coaches can reschedule “Weekly” classes. If you wish to reschedule your session in your “Weekly” classes, please contact your Coach.

Please do email us at aloha@stageo.co. Our team will do our level best to respond to you as soon as possible

Stageo’s Learners Protection provides a refund policy which helps give you peace of mind that you’re protected in the unforeseen event that you (1) change your mind about starting or continuing a class with a Coach or (2) in the event of Coaches did not show up for a class as per booking .

The scenarios for Refund Policy are as follows:

  • Refund may be sought if Learner terminates 48 hours before the start of a class where no prior sessions were conducted with the Coach
  • Refund may be sought for specific sessions where a Coach failed to show up and there was no advanced rescheduling notice by the Coach. This protection remains active provided the Learner has fully abided by Stageo’s Attendance Policy (using the Stageo platform to join classes)
  • IMPORTANT: Lodging this request for a refund must occur within 24 hours of the incident. Any seeking of refunds beyond this period will not be entertained
  • Refund cannot be sought where a Learner is dissatisfied with the content, quality or outcome of the session conducted by the Coach. Learners may rate their experience with the Coach or leave a review to express their thoughts (provided they have fulfilled a minimum of 4 paid full sessions under the said Coach)

In the event of a dispute, the administrators of Stageo reserve the right to arbitrate and determine the validity of the refund claim. Learners upon purchasing a course through Stageo are deemed to have agreed to let the administrators be the final deciding authority on the valid refundable amount and may not seek further compensation

There may be unforeseen circumstances which cause you to want to terminate your classes. ‘Termination’ here applies to a Learner deciding to not continue with any future sessions.

How Termination may be performed:

  • It must be done 48 hours before the next upcoming class
  • Learners may terminate their class at any given point

Refund requests as a result of Termination will be based upon sessions which have yet to be conducted:

  • For “One-Time” classes – Refund requests will be permitted for the cost of only future sessions yet to be conducted

  • For “Weekly” classes - Refund requests will only be allowed if termination occurs before 48 hours to 10 days after the 1st class has been conducted

    • Example: Learner purchases weekly classes for 1 month (approx. 4 sessions) where the first class is schedule for 5th of March (classes on the 5th, 13th, 20th, 27th) If termination is before 3rd of March – permitted to a full refund If termination is by 11th of March – permitted to refund of 3 sessions If termination is by 15th of March – permitted to refund of 2 sessions If termination is after 15th of March – no refund permitted

The refund amount will only be for the pro-rated cost of undelivered sessions. Any booking fee (currently waived) will not be refunded.

The refund will be in the form of equivalent Stageo Credits and not cash.

Stageo Credits is the in-app stored value for Learners

Stageo Credits are obtained via 2 ways

  • Refunded amounts in the event of a successful refund claim
  • Special/seasonal offers on Stageo

Stageo Credits can only be used towards the payment for courses within Stageo

It cannot be converted to cash or transferred out to a bank account outside of Stageo