Global Perspectives

Learning new skills whilst preparing for the GP exam
Weekly class
Global Perspectives
RM 550.00/month
RM 91.67/hour

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Meets 1 time per week
1 learner per class
90 minutes per session
Online class (via Zoom / Google Meet)
Communicates in English, Simplified Chinese, Malay

About this course

I have developed unique teaching methods in my style of teaching (not strict disciplinarian teachings). 

I started out with teaching challenged children. Spent some time in a special school helping children and then giving tuition to a slow learning 7 year old whose grade went from F to a B in a year. Recently my student who was scoring F consistently in her exams achieved a B+ after a few months of tutoring from me.

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Sample of my teaching style https://www.youtube.com/@Zinx1998/featured

#critical thinking
#global perspectives
#current affairs