Mastering Generative AI Art

From Pixels to Masterpiece with Stable Diffusion
One-Time class
One-Time class
RM 100
RM 50.00/hour

120 minutes

Max 10 learners per class

Course Highlights

Meets once
Max 10 learners per class
120 minutes per session
Online class (via Zoom / Google Meet)
Communicates in English

About this course

This concise 2-hour hands-on course provides a quick introduction to the world of Stable Diffusion Generative Art. Students will get a taste of the key concepts and techniques involved in creating captivating generative artworks using Stable Diffusion models.

By the end of this 2-hour course, students will have a foundational understanding of Stable Diffusion in generative art, practical experience in creating their own generative artworks, and a glimpse into the creative potential of this exciting field.

(All the images used here are generated)

Course Outline

  1. Setting up a basic generative art environment
  2. Demonstrating simple generative art code with Stable Diffusion
  3. Understanding the Graphical User Interface and Concepts
  4. Guided hands-on activity: Create your own basic generative artwork
  5. Exploring creative possibilities with Stable Diffusion
  6. Showcasing examples of advanced generative art projects
  7. Quick tips for refining and customizing generative artworks
  8. Q and A