Year 7 to 9 Cambridge Mathematics

Weekly Online Mathematics
Weekly class
Year 7 to 9 Cambridge Mathematics
Weekly class
RM 540/month
RM 90.00/hour

90 minutes

1 learner per class

Course Highlights

Meets 1 time per week
1 learner per class
90 minutes per session
Online class (via Zoom / Google Meet)
Communicates in English, Simplified Chinese

About this course

  1. It's a 1 to 1 private lesson for weekly mathematics.
  2. I will test the learner to identify his/her level and work on the weakness.
  3. Learning mathematics should be fun and simple. I will focus on simplify and understanding formulas instead of memorizing.
  4. I will also do online exercises, games or animation together with the learner to enhance their understanding of the concept.

I love mathematics. But I'm lazy, so I always want to find out the simplest and fastest way to work out the answer.

Hope I could help you. It may takes time to build up the base but it is worthy the hard work.

Trust me!

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