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Alvin Chan
Alvin Chan

Teacher, Tutor, Content Creator


About Me

Teacher Alvin has spent the last 8 years helping hundreds of students to excel in Mathematics and Chemistry. Having taught in various institutions, ranging from International Schools to tuition centers, Teacher Alvin has honed expertise in providing quality education to students at different academic levels. Teacher Alvin lives by the motto, "Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?" Embracing the belief that every child is unique with their own abilities, he is a passionate educator.

My Experience

Subject specialist in IGCSE Mathematics (0580) and IGCSE Chemistry (0620) - 8 years of classroom teaching experience in multiple Internationals Schools and Tuition Centers. - 3 years of experience teaching online classes. - More than 30+ calculator tips and tricks. - YouTube Channel: Teacher Alvin Chan - Having taught hundreds of students throughout my teaching career. Remarkable Achievements / Memorable Experience - Student results went from grade E to grade B (IGCSE Oct/Nov 2020) after tutoring with me for 2-months! - Whole class (100%) of 16 students scored A and A* in Chemistry (IGCSE Oct/Nov 2021)