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Aqmal Afiq
Aqmal Afiq

SPM, IGCSE and Research (graduate level) Tutor


About Me

I am a post-graduate student (PhD) from Universiti Malaya in East Asian Studies and my area of expertise includes peacebuilding, social movements, identity politics and Hong Kong studies. I have a master's degree in Strategic and Defense Studies and a degree in Education (TESL) both from Universiti Malaya as well. I have 7 years of research experience and 5 years of tutoring experience. Please PM me to know more about my teaching styles and experiences.

My Experience

SPM & IGCSE - I have over 5 years of tutoring experience. I am able to teach Malay as a Foreign Language (IGCSE) and Bahasa Melayu, History, English (SPM). I personally believe that understanding individual differences of learners should be taken into account when a lesson plan is revised. Catering all students are my priorities. Students find my approach to be fun and easy to be understood. I like to use analogy associated to their daily lives to make it relatable and memorable. Research Methodology for University students - I am able to assist in explaining research methodology in lay man terms. I provide alternative way of understanding as well as guide an individual's research framework into the right direction.