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Dr K
Dr K

Professional Trainer / Consultant


About Me

Dr K. is a well-known professional speaker and corporate trainer for management, soft skills and other etiquette courses. Specializes in personal development and corporate courses including SMEs development i.e. corporate branding, communication skills, customer service, stress management, leadership skills, marketing, human resource, digital business strategy and many others. In addition, Dr K. has been a freelance consultant for many years, focusing on corporate, business expansion strategy, hospitality training programs and management restructuring

My Experience

An active academician for 27 years and had been working with a few leading private colleges in Malaysia, namely Lim Kok Wing University, KDU University College, Segi University and also Pernas International Hotel School. Dr Kamril had also been a part-time lecturer with University Putra Malaysia for three years and had been recognized as a hardworking and is rated highly as a lecturer by the students