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Mrs Sujit
Mrs Sujit

Mathematics and Science Instructor


About Me

Passionate and knowledgeable educator with extensive experience in teaching Mathematics(0580/0606/9709), Further Mathematics (9231), Biology (0610/9700), Chemistry(0620/9701), Physics(0625/9702) from IGCSE to A-Level students. Currently attached to a premier international school in Selangor. Have vast experienced teaching in college, school, tutoring centres and online teaching. Holds a B.Eng, M.Eng, PGCEI (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and STPM (Bio-Chem Stream). I am also an examiner for CIE. Proven track record of helping students achieve top grades in IGCSE and A-Level exams. I have in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and exam requirements for all sciences and mathematics subjects from IGCSE up to A-Level. I strongly believe in fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment to engage my students effectively besides customizing lesson plans tailored to individual student needs and learning styles.

My Experience

I have many years of experience teaching in College and International School. With a passion for education and a strong background in science and mathematics, I have had the privilege of guiding numerous students on their academic journeys. Over the years, I have accumulated valuable teaching experience that spans various educational levels, from IGCSE to A-Level. My expertise lies in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and I take immense pride in nurturing a love for these subjects in my students.