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David Tan
David Tan

Trainer, Communicator and Photographer


About Me

David began his career in the IT Industry, with 20 years experience as a consultant and business manager, he is a well seasoned business and technical presenter, communicator and negotiator. David is also a very season photographer, with at least 10 years under his belt as a editorial photographer who shoots events for the domestic and international church scene. His philosophy is always to stay focus on the story you wish to communicate and keep it simple and relevant. He is a fluent and proficient English speaker, who wishes to impart his skills and experience to other. He enjoys talking to people and will spent his own time practicing other forms of photography to capture a story that is simple and relevant to tell.

My Experience

2 years as a professional courses trainer, 18 year technical and sales training for various organizations. I specialized in communications training, teaching and coaching business professional and university student to improve in their presentation and communication skills in English.