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Xin Hui Cheng

PhD candidate/ Master in Chemical Engineering


About Me

I have accumulated over 4 years of teaching experience. Throughout my teaching career, I have had the opportunity to work with students of different age groups, educational backgrounds and skill levels. Meanwhile, I believe in employing a student-centred approach, tailoring my teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and individual needs. By incorporating real-life examples and practical applications of the knowledge taught in class, I strive to make the learning experience engaging, enjoyable and relevant. I also encourage open discussions, value student input and provide constructive feedback to help student identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Many of my students have shown remarkable progress, with noticeable improvements in their grades and problem-solving skills. Several of my students have achieved top scores in their exams. Several struggling students were able to achieve outstanding results, ranging from B to A* in their IGCSE

My Experience

I offer flexible teaching style and customised lesson plan to cater to each student’s needs. For instance, intensive classes will be provided if the student is currently focusing on exam preparation by discussing more on past year questions so that he/she can grasp the answering technique based on examiner’s requirement. Also, I prepare my own lesson notes with my own worksheets for the student to ensure he/she can understand the topic well. On the contrary, for students who requires topical revision, I will conduct interactive topical learning while giving quizzes and topical test from time to time to test their knowledge

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