Why Stageo?

Welcome Coaches (coaches & tutors), to Stageo …the coaching digital marketplace designed exclusively for talented individuals like you to take your coaching and tutoring career to new heights.

Here at Stageo, we understand the tremendous value and transformative power that coaching brings. Whether you specialize in coaching (life, business, career coaching, or any other niche) or tutoring (primary, secondary, tertiary, etc) across different disciplines … we believe that your expertise deserves a stage .. a platform where you can really connect with Learners who are seeking your help.

By joining Stageo you’ll be part of a community of dedicated practitioners passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives. It’s time to level up .. and help others level up!

"What’s in it for me?" you may be asking. Here are a few compelling reasons..

  1. Amplify Your Reach: Gain access to a vast network of individuals actively seeking online coaching and tutoring services. Our marketplace has been designed to help Coaches connect with more clients. No waiting for agents to drive leads your way, Stageo enhances your visibility and ability for clients to freely look for you and book your services. Stageo is your new marketing arm.

  2. Simplify & Streamline Processes: Our user-friendly platform simplifies the coaching process for both you and Learners. The intuitive interface enables easy communication, scheduling, and secure payment transactions, allowing you to focus on what you do best .. coaching.

  3. Stand Out: Your coaching profile serves as your very own digital storefront showcasing your unique qualifications, experience, and success stories. Stageo offers a compelling way for you to highlight your strengths and differentiate yourself so that you can stand out from the competition.

  4. Gain Flexibility and Freedom: Every coach has their own preferred style of coaching and way of going about doing things. On Stageo, you have the flexibility to set your own rates, availability, and choose how you want to present your offerings. Design a practice that aligns with your lifestyle, goals and preferences. Not just that, Stageo continues to work for you as 24/7 .. 365 days with our automated scheduling and booking system to do all that even while you’re asleep.

  5. Access Unlimited Potential: We are committed to the ongoing success of your coaching business. Benefit from our continuous updates and development of new and innovative features. We strive to attract more clients to the platform, ultimately enhancing your opportunities for growth & to expand your revenue streams.

We believe that coaching is a transformative journey, both for your clients and for you as a Coach. By joining Stageo, we believe you gain the opportunity to make a meaningful difference that enriches your life and the lives of others.

So what are you waiting for?

Step into a vibrant community of Coaches, where your talents are valued, your expertise celebrated, and where your impact knows no bounds. Together, we can empower and help each another grow.

Come aboard onto Stageo … it’s time to level up!

9 Problems Stageo Helps Resolve

1. “I have difficulty finding new students” (PUBLICITY)

As a true 2 sided coaching marketplace, we help Learners find and connect easily with you using our powerful search & matchmaking algorithm, recommendations & lead boosting features. Stageo is your 24/7 365 marketing arm. Our user interface makes it really easy for people to search and discover Coaches profiles.

2. “I’d like to earn more and scale my coaching business” (SCALING)

Stageo gives you the stage to scale your online coaching business. With our many powerful automated features, you can expand your reach to a wider community of potential clients, offer 1-to-1 sessions or offer your classes to bigger groups to grow your customer base and scale your business.

3. “I spend a bit too much time on enquiries” (CONVERSION)

Interested potential clients can view your Coaching profile and courses, watch an intro video (if you created one), view your credentials & experience to know what you’re all about. They will be able to read all the details of courses that you want to furnish them with. This cuts the pain and time of you having to repeat yourself to every potential client

4. “I’d love to have a stronger online presence” (PRESENCE)

Develop your stage presence and personal brand with Stageo! With a professional Coaching profile to be proud of, you get to truly showcase who you are. Stageo was specially designed to give you a Coaching footprint on the World Wide Web

As you gain more learners and receive good reviews & ratings, this only continues to build over time and let your work speak for itself. Selected testimonials from reviews will highlight your achievements and validate your claims

5. “I would love someone to help me manage my schedule & enrolments” (BOOKING)

Go autopilot. Let Stageo fully take care of your online enrolment and scheduling. All you have to do is follow our intuitive setup for courses and your available dates

Avoid the back and forth deliberating on your available timeslots! Stageo handles it all for you with our automated scheduling system. So if the customer likes what you have to offer and your slots are still available, they can book it there and then

6. “My learner wants to reschedule ... again” (RESCHEDULING)

Reduce the back and forth of deliberations. Learners will be able to inform you (before 48 hours) that they need to reschedule and choose another available slot you’ve defined. We’ll also notify you via the system and by email (if and when that happens) so that you’re always in the know

7. “Chasing learners for payment can be a hassle” (COLLECTIONS)

Take away the pain of collecting payments. Let us handle the collections of fees from your learners for you. If Learners haven’t paid, they will not be granted access to your classes or the materials

8. “I have to take emergency leave” (EMERGENCIES)

Sometimes these things do happen. Stageo gives you the option to either (1) create a replacement class or (2) pre-record a class and provide a link of the recording for your Learners to watch what you prepared beforehand (the best course of action is of course something you’d have to agree with your client)

9. “I have so many messaging channels & groups” (COMMUNICATIONS)

Use Stageo’s in-app chat to communicate with your learners. Stageo will also send alerts/notifications if there are changes to the schedule (by Coaches or Learners) in the case of unforeseen events