Consult with Confidence [2 Day Event]

Helping you to turn your consulting from 'boring' to 'bring it on'!
Consult with Confidence [2 Day Event]
RM 299

60 minutes

Max 10 learners per class

Course Highlights

3 - 10 learners per session
2-day event
Online class (via Zoom / Google Meet)
Communicates in English (UK)

About this course

.. Ever wanted to know what differentiates a great consultant from the dreaded con-sultant?

.. Do you feel you sometimes lack a cutting edge to your consulting?

.. Have you found yourself lacking confidence when you're in front of the client?

"That was the best workshop I have ever attended!"

"What did you do? Everyone is telling about how amazing the sessions were"

"You actually managed to bring everyone together to agree on something"

Those are just some of the feedback I've received from clients over the years. I've dealt with stakeholders across different industries over the years from the financial, commercial and education sector and have managed to obtain the same type of feedback consistently.

You may ask ... Is it replicable for others? And the answer to that is yes.

You see, being successful in consulting is not down to pure natural ability. You certainly need to have the right personality to be successful .. or if not at least work at developing it. But you could be naturally good at something but to those who don't refine their game, they'll eventually be found out when the bigger tests come. I've witnessed and heard of many cases where clients have been less than impressed with the outcome after engaging consultants.

My hope is to help those of us who consult become better at what we do. I want you to excel .. and to have both style and substance. To make a great first impression .. and a lasting last impression.

I'll be upfront. This isn't an instant formula for success, I don't believe in that. But what I do believe in is that there are shortcuts we can take to avoid pitfalls and lanes we an pick to get us to your destination quicker and arrive less frazzled

Becoming a good consultant requires the right mindset, real hard work and an intentionality to personal development. But i'd add that it also involves us adopting optimum systems so that we're not wasting any precious time

In this course, I candidly and openly share with you the system that I've applied over the past decade of consulting plus winning strategies, tips and hacks that have helped me do just what the title says ... to "consult with confidence"

In this 2 part series, I break it down to the following P's

Pursuit - How to define a great consultant

Presence - Developing the person, confidence and 'bring it on' mindset

Prowess - How to become an authority in your field

Preparation - Creating a powerful and unforgettable impression

Performance - Getting ready for showtime

People - Dealing with different & difficult stakeholders .. learning to reading the room

Patience - Trusting the process

If you're ready to take the deep dive with me .. it'd be my absolute pleasure to coach you

It's time to turn your consulting from 'boring' to 'bring it on'!