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Math and Mandarin Teacher


About Me

I started teaching Geography and music in Sarawak SMK Government Secondary School since 2010, while giving tuition in Mandarin and Mathematics at the same time. I quitted my job in 2016, moved to Selangor and become a full time home tutor until now. I earned my education degree in 2009 in UPSI. Now I am a full time home and online tutor specialized in Mandarin and Mathematics only. I teach Mandarin for Igcse level include foreign and second language. I teach secondary Mathematics till SPM and Igcse level. I think that learning should be funand interesting. So my aim is customizing my teaching to suit learners' needs to learn in a more pleasurable and simple way.

My Experience

6 years of classroom teaching experience in Geography and Music before I quit my government job but giving tuition in Mandarin and Mathematics as part time. 13 years of teaching tuition 1-on-1 in Mathematics and Mandarin till now. Teaching learners from year 7 till SPM level and Igcse levels. Customized learning experiences to cater learner's need with online and offline resources.